Best Hybrid Mattress: The Best of Both Worlds

If you are looking for the best mattress to sleep on, then look no further.

The best hybrid mattress combines foam and spring coils in a single material layer for better conforming comfort.

Many brands offer these mattresses today, including Tempur-Pedic, Emma, Simba, and others.

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5 Best Hybrid Mattress UK 2021

1. Emma Hybrid

Under the Emma brand, the company offers many different beds under various categories.

Among them are hybrid mattresses, which are designed to offer more support due to the combination of foam and coils.

The Emma Hybrid is one of their most popular products with guests on Amazon.

Happy customers reported that their sleep was better after purchasing this bed.

The mattress is filled with Polyfoam, while some of the coils are made from memory foam.


  • For those who like a firm feel, this is the bed for you because of the combination of foam and coils.
  • The mattress offers better back pain relief than any other bed on the market today.
  • It will conform to your body shape very well, reducing pressure points on your body.
  • Offers enough support for side sleepers not to be laid too flat on the surface of this mattress.
  • Has a 100-night trial period


  • The mattress may feel too firm because of the support offered by the coils. This is an issue only for those who like softer beds or sleep on their back.
  • You will need at least 200lbs to fully compress the mattress to its full extent so that it will last its total life expectancy.

2. Nectar Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress is similar to the one already mentioned in many ways, but there are some differences that you might notice.

It is made with 1 inch of memory foam, 3-inch support foam, and 4 inches of pure latex.

The mattress is also covered with 1.5 inches of that top-rated foam that you will be familiar with from other brands. Another popular model of this brand is Nectar Memory Foam Mattress.


  • This mattress is similar to the Emma Hybrid in many ways, but it has its differences too. For example, the Nectar mattress has softer coils than the Emma mattress, so it may be more comfortable for those who want softer beds.
  • You can use this bed without any problem because the coils are not too firm, so you will still be able to sink into this bed quickly if you are a side sleeper.
  • It provides excellent support for all sleeping positions.


  • Even though it is a bit softer mattress in terms of firmness, it still offers a lot of support with the coil system. This may be a problem for those who prefer softer beds with less support.
  • You need at least 150lbs to compress this mattress fully so that you can enjoy its total life expectancy.

3. Simba Hybrid

The Simba Hybrid by Simmons is also another best hybrid mattress that offers excellent comfort for your body.

It is made with 2 inches of memory foam, 1.5 inches of Hyper-Elastic Polymer, and 5 inches of pocketed coils.

Like the other two mattresses mentioned above, the Simba Hybrid also conforms to your body shape very well and will not make you feel trapped in a bed when you sleep on it.


  • The mattress has a nice bounce to it because of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer inside it. This gives you a better sleeping experience because you will not feel stuck inside the bed while sleeping on it.
  • The mattress is very durable, and it will last you a long time because of the quality of its materials.
  • It makes an excellent choice for both back and side sleepers because it has enough support for their body weight.


  • The mattress may feel too soft for some because the memory foam layer is not thick enough. Those who prefer firmer beds may have an issue with this particular model.
  • You need at least 150lbs to compress this mattress fully so that it can last its total life expectancy.

4. Eve Premium Hybrid

With the Eve Hybrid Mattress, you get a luxurious sleeping experience that can help reduce back and neck pain.

It is made with 12 inches of high-quality foam and coils, and it uses Tuft and Needle’s patented Adaptive Foam to relieve pressure points and provide a nice feel. Eve also offers an excellent warranty for this bed.


  • The mattress has a good bounce because its Adaptive Foam is firm enough to support your body weight but soft enough to conform well to your body shape.
  • The mattress will significantly reduce pressure points on the surface of the mattress so you can sleep better at night.
  • You can use this particular bed without any problem because it can conform to your body shape without feeling too firm.
  • The mattress offers enough support for side sleepers with enough foam to sink into it.


  • The mattress is not made with coils, so it does not offer as much support as other best hybrid mattresses on this list. Those who want a firmer bed may have an issue with this mattress.
  • Because of the lack of coils, you will need at least 275lbs to fully compress the mattress so that it can last its total life expectancy.

5. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

The DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress is a relatively new mattress on the market.

It was only released a few years ago, and it has already become a hit among its users.

Besides being made with layers of foam, it also has plenty of coils that provide excellent support for your body weight.


  • This mattress has been designed to offer better back pain relief and pressure point relief because of all those memory foam comfort layers inside it.
  • The mattress is designed to conform well to your body shape, so you will feel trapped in a bed when you sleep on it.
  • You can use this bed without any problem because its coils are not too firm, so this is an excellent choice for you if you are a side sleeper.
  • The mattress has enough support for all sleeping positions.


  • The mattress is not made with coils, so you will need at least 150lbs to fully compress this bed so that it can last its total life expectancy.
  • Even though the mattress is soft for some, it still has a lot of support in its coils system. If you are a side sleeper, this model might not be the one for you because of the low amount of coils.

Types of mattresses

  1. Hybrid mattresses: these are the mattresses combining memory foam and firm foam to give you a more comfortable bed. Some of the features include memory foam, latex, and pocketed coils.
  2. Memory foam is a material made of polyurethane and is used for comfort and pressure relief in most mattresses. However, this type of foam does not provide significant support, so most manufacturers will add parts with lesser density to ensure that it can still support your body weight, such as coils systems or other types of foams such as latex or springs.
  3. Spring mattresses: this type of bed is a direct replica of the original spring mattress. The material used in it is still polyurethane foam, but it is cut to a smaller size.
  4. Air mattresses: lightweight and firm mattresses made from foam materials such as latex foam, memory foam, or other synthetic foams. These types of beds come in a wide range of sizes, and they are perfect for camping because they can be packed into relatively small spaces if you use them on the floor instead of placing them on furniture. Air mattresses also do not require any unique air pumps or fans to keep your bed inflated, so they can be used indoors or outdoors during the night without any problems.
  5. Pocket sprung mattresses: pocket sprung mattress is made with many pocket springs designed to support your body weight. The coils are encased in the pocket spring mattress in the main body of the mattress, so they do not make any noises when you move on it.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that is made with multiple components, usually foam and coils.

You can find these mattresses in most online shops since it is a trendy choice for anyone who wants to have a comfortable sleeping experience without any problem.

However, you need to know first if the components are compatible with each other so that they will offer you the best sleep possible.

There are many different hybrid mattresses on the market today.

They have varying shapes, sizes, materials, and attributes so you should take your time when choosing one to ensure that it will fully conform to your body shape without any problems with sleep quality or comfort.

Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

Even though there are currently many hybrid mattresses on the market, you will realize why so many people choose to buy one over traditional mattresses.

The reason is that they offer a lot of comfort and advantages that these traditional ones do not.

Hybrid mattresses can:

1) Eliminate Nighttime Back Pain:

Latex or memory foam is very expensive and can cause allergic reactions in some people, which is why most hybrid mattresses use latex as its padding rather than memory foam.

Another type of material used nowadays for hybrids is polyurethane, which covers more than ten times as much as latex and causes less toxic reactions with people’s skin.

2) Reduce Pressure Points:

There are a lot of people who suffer from back pain or leg pain at night because of the way their beds are made.

Mattresses with a combination of both heavy and light materials can drastically reduce these pressure points, providing better rest for those who have it.

3) More Support:

The more support you have in your mattress, the less likely you will wake up from pain or discomfort whenever you move around in your bed.

This is one reason why hybrid mattresses are so great for anyone who wants to improve their sleeping quality since they give the support needed to sleep better at night without feeling trapped or uncomfortable no matter what position they sleep on at night.

4) Long-Lasting Durability:

Of course, you want to buy a mattress that will give you the best sleep ever, but you also want one that will last for a long time.

That is why hybrid mattresses are designed with materials that will not only make the mattress luxurious and comfortable but also assure its durability for years to come.

5) Conforming to your Body Shape:

Although many hybrid mattresses cannot provide the support needed for side sleepers, there are models out there that can help them get better rest with their firmness level controlled by the coils inside them.

This way, they won’t feel like they are trapped in their bed even when they sleep on their back or side.

6) Better Motion Transfer:

If you have a partner, the best hybrid mattress should be one that can absorb motion while also not disturbing your partner while he or she is sleeping.

This way, there will be less waking up in the middle of the night because your sleeping partner tosses and turns a lot or even gets up to go to the bathroom.

7) More Variety:

Hybrid mattresses are becoming more and more popular today compared to just a few years ago.

This is because of their better sleep quality and comfort, which makes it easier for people to buy them over any other type of mattress on the market today.


You should also know that hybrid mattresses have their drawbacks as well as benefits.

Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Inflating and Deflating: If you want a hybrid mattress to stay on your bed instead of slipping off, its surface must be made from a material that is very slippery so it will not slip and fall off easily. Because latex and polyurethane both use slippery materials like memory foam and latex foam, these mattresses tend to deflate once you start moving around in your bed.
  2. Firmness and Temperature Regulation Controls: Even though most hybrids offer varying levels of firmness, they usually can still provide enough support for back sleepers who like a firmer mattress than side sleepers do. If you want a medium-firm mattress with more support for your back, look for hybrid mattresses that offer varying levels of firmness.
  3. Prevent Moisture: Some hybrids use natural latex or memory foam as their material, which is another reason why they tend to deflate and go flat easily. These materials can retain water and cause it to leak out to your bed if you keep your mattress for a long time without cleaning it every now and then.

What to Look For in a Hybrid Mattress?

The most important thing you should know before buying a hybrid mattress is that no two are the same.

Most of them have different characteristics, but you should always look for one that will help you get the best sleep possible.

The following characteristics are especially important so you can narrow down your options:

  • You should buy a hybrid mattress designed for side sleepers. This way, it will offer enough support to limit any problems you might have with side sleeping because it can offer great support for this position just like a traditional mattress would do.
  • Buy one with high-quality materials that will make it last longer than its competitors. This is because you want to buy a mattress that will last for at least ten years, but most of these mattresses are known to only last for three years.
  • Choose one with a 5-star rating or higher from consumer reports if you can. Although this might not seem like the most important thing, it will give you an idea if this type of mattress has worked well for other people in the past or not.
  • Look out for one with coils inside it since these beds are known to keep your body warm during the winter and cool during summertime so you won’t feel too hot or too cold at all times. There are mattresses today with memory foam, but most of them are not designed for side sleepers.
  • Consider one with a latex surface since this is usually the most expensive type of material used in most hybrid mattresses.
  • Check the thickness of your mattress by checking out its weight before you make your purchase. If you want to buy a heavy mattress that will last for years, look for one that weighs more than 100 pounds instead of light ones that weigh less than 50 pounds.
  • Make sure the type of foam used in its firmness control system is not too firm or too soft since it can cause discomfort to your body once you start sleeping on it.

How Does it Feel to Sleep on a Hybrid Mattress?

When you try a new type of mattress, you might be surprised by how it feels.

Here is what is different about hybrid mattresses:

  1. For starters, they feel firmer than your standard memory foam mattresses since their materials are usually made from memory foam or latex and will provide more support and assistance for side sleepers compared to back sleepers who like it more soft and yielding.
  2. The feeling is different as well since these beds feel thicker than those with similar materials but softer. This is because most people like their mattresses to be as thick as possible, but some prefer something that has a little bit of giving to it when they lie on top of it.
  3. The sleeping surface is different as well since you can feel a little bit of sagging because it is supposed to be a hybrid mattress. The materials that are combined together will have different characteristics, which you might not like at the beginning, but as time goes by, they will start to become more comfortable as well as supportive for your body.
  4. In addition to the different feel of the materials used in them, these mattresses also have air or gel columns inside them that create a cool feeling when you touch them. These same columns are also there so these beds can help keep your body heat in during cold weather and provide a cool cushion when it is hot outside so you won’t overheat even if you sleep on it all night long.

How are Hybrids Constructed?

In general, hybrids are made from different materials that can be found in your regular mattress.

These materials include latex, memory foam, polyurethane foam as well as some other blends.

Whatever material you will pick for your hybrid mattress will depend on what type of sleeper you are and how firm you like your bed to be.

Here are some of the more common materials used in hybrid mattresses:

1) Memory Foam:

This is the most common type of material that is used in hybrid mattresses because it can provide firmness for side sleepers who like it firm than back sleepers do.

2) Latex Foam:

This type of foam is also used to create firmness in hybrid mattresses, but it does have a tendency to feel softer than other types.

This can be a problem for some people, but this type of mattress will give you the bounce and support that you need when you sleep on it.

3) Polyurethane Foam:

This is another type of foam that is used in these mattresses for their firmness control systems and can add some additional support and thickness to them as well.

4) Other Materials:

There are also mattresses with multiple layers of padding, but aside from the memory foam layers, they are usually made from eco-friendly materials that are safe for your body.

Coil Types

There are two types of coils used in hybrid mattresses. These are the open coil and the closed coil.

  1. Open Coil is like your average spring mattress made of coils that encircle the core of memory foam. It becomes firmer as you sleep on it, but it does not need any additional support since it will do this automatically.
  2. Closed Coil is similar to an open-cell foam mattress that is filled with foam instead of coils like the open coil, but this type of bed does not need any additional support during sleep since its own structure will provide you that comfort need every night.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Hybrid mattresses are one of the most expensive types of bed you can buy.

This is because they are made using different types of materials that are combined together to make them stronger and more comfortable for you to sleep on.

If you want a high-quality hybrid mattress, expect to pay at least £400 for a queen size, £700 for a king-size, and £1000 for a California king mattress.

Density and ILD

Sleeping on a foam mattress that has a higher density and ILD can help you out.

It will give you a firmer sleeping surface compared to a lower density and ILD foam mattress, which is great for side sleepers.

However, it is important to note that manufacturers of high density and ILD foams usually make these from low-density foams as well as lower-quality ones as well.

This means that although they do have higher densities and ILDs, you might find it easier to sink in them even if the item says otherwise.


Density refers to how much material a mattress has in its cells. The higher the density, the firmer the mattress.

In addition to this, foam mattresses with a higher density tend to be more expensive as well as heavier as you will need a thicker foam to make them sturdy.

Indentation Load-Deflection (ILD)

The ILD is important because it refers to the ability of a mattress to retain its shape after it is compressed.

Usually, the higher the ILD of a mattress, the better it will feel.

However, since foam mattresses are made from materials with different densities and ILDs, you should choose a bed with a density and ILD that you can utilize well.

How Long Will a Hybrid Mattress Last?

Hybrid mattresses are built to last, but they are usually made from lower-quality materials.

This means that you should expect them to last for 6-10 years.

They are also not built for heavy use, so you can expect around 6 weeks of normal use before the mattress starts to show its age.

Last Things to Consider With a Hybrid Mattress

1. Coil Count

Hybrid mattresses that have more than 8 coils are great for heavier people.

A hybrid mattress with less than 8 coils is not recommended for these types of people because they will find it easier to sink into the bed even if the item says otherwise.

2. Coil Gauge

The coil gauge is important because it refers to the diameter of the coil. If you want a bed that is firmer, make sure that the coils are made from smaller diameters.

3. Air or Gel Columns?

Most mattresses with columns inside them are made with gel-infused memory foam.

However, some manufacturers like Tempur-Pedic use air instead of gel-infused foam in their products because they say it helps relieve pressure and improve your spinal alignment.

This type of material can also preserve its original form longer than a mattress with a memory foam mattress layer.

4. Off-Gassing

Hybrid beds can often feel off-gassing for a few days after you buy them because it will take time for the materials to start reacting with each other.

This is especially noticeable if you buy your bed online because it will take time for this reaction to happen.

5. Cover or No Cover (Optional)

If you want to save some money, opt for a hybrid mattress with no cover.

However, many people like to use covers because they like the comfort that they provide during the night as well as the fact that these covers tend to be softer than memory foam ones.

What is a bed-in-a-box?

A bed-in-a-box is a hybrid mattress that has been made from a base layer of memory foam. A lot of people like to use these because they do not have a separate base layer of memory foam and they will still feel the same as the sheets under their hybrid mattress.

Who Should Avoid a Hybrid Mattress?

The manufacturer of a hybrid mattress may say that the product is ideal for a specific type of sleeper, but you should never believe them if this is not true.

If they state that the product is ideal for a particular sleeper, it means you should stick to your normal sleep position and avoid moving around too much during sleep so it will last longer.

What type of foundation and bed frame is best for a hybrid mattress?

A foundation and frame made from wood would be best, but these days many people like to use steel frames instead of wooden ones.

This is because steel provides more support than wood while still being more comfortable than metal beds. Steel frames are also better at supporting the weight on the top-heavy hybrid mattress.

Do I need a box spring for my hybrid mattress?

You do not need a box spring if you have a sturdy bed frame to support the weight of the hybrid mattress even.

In addition to this, you should not use a box spring for your bed if it is made from memory foam that will cause the coils to sag over time.

Hybrid Mattress Bedding

  1. Comforters: The most standard and well-known option for covering your bed. Comforters are warm and easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about taking it off and putting it back on when you want to wash it.
  2. Duvet Covers: Similar to comforters, these covers are made from soft fabric but you can remove them without having to take off the sheets that cover the mattress. Duvet covers tend to fit securely over the top of your comforter or blankets, so they’ll keep them in place and prevent any accidents.
  3. Sheets: When searching for sheets for a hybrid mattress, consider how much your mattress will move while sleeping on it. If the sheets will shift around a lot, you should opt for fitted sheets because these will keep them from moving at all. If you don’t mind a few wrinkles on your sheets, regular flat sheets are a great alternative. They’ll still hold up well with a hybrid mattress, but you can make slight adjustments to make them easier to move around on.
  4. Mattress Covers: A mattress cover or mattress protector is another option that is both strong and inexpensive. You can even find mattress covers that are completely waterproof, so spills and accidents won’t penetrate the surface of the cover. Some people also find that they’re more comfortable than traditional bedding because they can still feel the feel of their foam bed but have something soft directly on top as well.
  5. Quilts: A quilt is another great alternative for a hybrid mattress. You can use them on top of your comforter or on their own. Quilts tend to be lighter weight than comforters, so you’ll still feel the support of your bed but you’ll sleep cooler at night as well.

How Do I Care For My Hybrid Mattress?

I. Cleaning:

Hybrid mattresses are easy to maintain and clean because they only need to be spot-cleaned and freshened up every few months depending on how often you use them.

This is because the top cover of hybrid mattresses will always be made of a thin layer of foam that is easy to wipe down.

For stains on your memory foam or hybrid mattress, you can use commercial products like the Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover to remove them.

II. Protecting:

One thing that you need to make sure you do with your new hybrid mattress is to protect it from accidents and spills.

This means that if you have pets or children, you should buy some waterproof cover or place your mattress on top of something like a waterproof tarp that will prevent accidents from penetrating too deeply into your memory foam mattress.

III. Maintaining:

In addition to caring for your new hybrid mattress, you should also make an effort to keep it from losing support.

This means that you should avoid rotating your mattress from head to foot every day because it will wear out too quickly.

Also, you should avoid flipping it from side to side as well because a hybrid bed should only be flipped once a year at most.

Tips for choosing the right hybrid mattress

1. Always try it before you buy it. A lot of people make the mistake of buying their hybrid mattress online because they think that the mattress will feel the same way in person as it did online.

However, this is almost never true because you will get more of an idea about how it feels if you can actually lay on it for a few minutes before you buy it.

2. “Deeper” isn’t always better. If you’re in the market for a new hybrid bed, pay close attention to the model number in your hybrid mattress because most manufacturers have different versions depending on how deep or thick they are.

While the most common hybrid mattresses are thicker than memory foam mattresses, they are still generally more comfortable than their counterparts.

3. Don’t buy if you’re still deciding on what kind of mattress to buy.

If you’re not sure whether you want a hybrid or a memory foam bed, hold off on buying one until you have made up your mind on how much support you need out of your bed.

4. Opt for the best price over brand name. While this sounds very simple, many people will buy their mattress according to its brand instead of its price and end up paying more than they would have if they were to purchase a less expensive model with the same qualities and features as pricier models do offer.

5. Check out the construction carefully before you buy it. While mattresses are very durable, some cheaper models have seams that will split over time.

These splits can become even larger if they aren’t taken care of quickly, so if you see any major damage to your hybrid bed’s stitching or construction, don’t hesitate to return it for a new one or ask for your money back.

6. Measure your room before you buy one. If you’re in the market for a memory foam mattress with a thick layer of memory foam on top, make sure that your bedroom is big enough to accommodate this large mattress before you make your purchase.

Buying a mattress in a size that doesn’t fit your bedroom can take away from the comfort of your bed, so make sure you do your research before buying.

7. Consider what type of sleeper you are. Most people find that hybrid mattresses are good for people who sleep on their sides, but they’re not always the best choice for back or stomach sleepers because memory foam mattresses are better at supporting these types of posture.

If you tend to roll over in your sleep when lying on your back or when lying on your stomach, choose a hybrid mattress that will offer more support in these areas to prevent additional points of pressure from forming in these parts of the body while sleeping.

8. Note the difference between sleeping on a regular mattress versus sleeping on a hybrid bed. Some people can’t sleep on their hybrid bed for more than a few weeks because it makes them feel too hot or it feels too strange to sleep directly on top of something so firm.

However, if your body adjusts to your new hybrid bed after several weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of this type of product that will keep you comfortable night after night.


All of the manufacturers have gone through a strenuous certification program that has been put together by the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA).

This program was created to ensure that all hybrid mattresses live up to a set of strict guidelines to make sure they are safe for your home and bed.

These certifications include:

  • CertiPUR Blue: This certification applies to many layers of a hybrid mattress including the cover, foams, and supports. It ensures that each product meets high standards when it comes to being made from quality materials while being put together in a way that is safe for your family.
  • Certi-foam: This certification is awarded to all layers of memory foam and latex hybrid mattresses. This certification ensures that each layer of memory foam is made from high-quality materials and that the amount of latex in each memory foam mattress is less than 1%.
  • CertiSpring: This certification applies to the springs used as part of a hybrid mattress. It ensures that all hybrids are constructed with only galvanized springs so they fit together securely and don’t deform over time.

Customer Reviews and Rating Online

The hybrid mattress reviews online are very important because many people who have bought these mattresses have taken the time to write reviews about the quality of their purchase.

There are usually a lot of positive reviews posted about these hybrid mattresses, but you need to be aware that some people will only leave positive reviews once they have bought a mattress that meets their significant needs.

These types of negative reviews are often based on issues that caused the owner to return the product, but they may still be helpful because you will learn what features should be considered before purchasing your own hybrid bed.

Final Word

Hybrid mattresses are great because most of them combine one or more supportive materials with memory foam to create the perfect balance between comfort and edge support.

If you have any questions about sleeping on memory foam or on hybrid mattresses, don’t hesitate to ask representatives or customer support to choose the best mattress for your needs.

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