Otty Mattress: New Technology for a Good Night’s Sleep

Otty is a new type of mattress that offers the best of both worlds: improved spinal and neck alignment and reduced pressure points, as well as complete comfort and support.

The mattresses are made with breathable materials that provide a more fantastic sleep environment and regulate body temperature. They also come in four different heights to accommodate all sleeping styles. Otty’s innovative features like better ventilation and easy-to-lift foam make them an excellent option for people who work out regularly or have allergies.

Otty Mattress review: What you need to know

Otty’s innovative design is not only comfortable but also looks great in your bedroom. Many customers say it is stylish and provides a great night’s sleep.

If you are looking for a comfortable mattress that looks great in your bedroom or guest room, Otty may be the perfect choice for you. Some even say the beds are better than their pillows! Otty’s unique design features can help your back and neck pain.

These comfy mattresses also come in four different heights for a perfect fit every time. Otty comes in a wide variety of sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king sizes for both sand tall people likes and cons.


  • The medium-firm mattress provides more support than most memory foam mattresses;
  • The unique structure of the mattress allows air to flow between the layers for the best night’s sleep;
  • The Otty mattress resists motion transfer and prevents you from rolling off your partner’s side of the bed;
  • The elevated head and foot end of the bed is perfect for people who sleep on their side.


  • Some customers complained that the medium mattress firmness scale makes it too firm for some. Without a softer version available, this is something to consider if you prefer something softer;
  • Some people find it difficult to transport these mattresses because they are very cumbersome can be frustrating during move-in or move-out.

 Price and competition

The mattress retails for around £550.

There are many similar products, like Casper mattress, Purple, Tuft & Needle, Leesa. These mattresses are of different prices and designs. So what do you choose?

As it is known to us, these mattress companies have been in the market for a long time, and they also keep upgrading their model. However, Otty is a new one with its unique design.

It’s not easy to tell which one is better than the others by comparing their price and designs. 

We can only recommend you try all these products yourself when you visit any online shop and feel the different qualities in a person, then decide which one is better for you.

Feature Description

Air Vent

  • All the mattresses come with an air vent which allows air to flow between the layers of the fabric for a cooler sleep.  
  • Some even come with two air vents, one at the head and another at the foot ends.  
  • Air channels are located at each layer’s head, and foot ends, which helps keep your mattress cool, no matter how hot it gets under your body.

Multiple Sizes

The Otty mattresses are available in multiple sizes so that you can find one ideal for you.

 The different sizes include:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King

Besides, they come in standard heights such as 6 inches and 10 inches.  This allows you to find the perfect mattress for you, no matter your size.

Cradle Support

  • The mattresses are high quality, which means they are very durable.
  • They are also designed with extra cradle support, low-pressure points, and removable bedding for easy cleanup.
  • These features prevent damage to your joints and back, making the Otty mattress an ideal option for any person who suffers from joint pain or back issues.

Anti-Allergy Mattress Cover

Otty mattresses come with an anti-allergy covering, which will protect you from dust mites and other allergens that can make sleeping uncomfortable.

This is especially beneficial for those who experience allergies regularly.

Pressure Relief

The mattresses come with a unique design that offers cradle support and pressure point relief for a better sleeping environment.  

If you have been unhappy with the traditional memory foam mattress, purchasing an Otty mattress can help relieve those pressure points that can cause you discomfort as you sleep.

Easy-Lift Foam

  • Otty mattresses come with a special foam that makes it easy to move your bed and get out of it.
  • The foam also has a low density, which prevents it from baking and staying hard while heating. It remains pliable and flexible the whole night while the mattress is in use, allowing you to move quickly without making too much noise.
  •  Be sure to ask for this if you are looking for a model that makes it easy for you to change positions or get out of bed at night without waking everyone else up.

Long Warranty

Otty provides a five-year warranty on their mattress, which is a generous amount of time for a product that may not be used frequently.

Because their mattress is made from quality material, they have the confidence in manufacturing the product to last for a lifetime.  

The Otty does not require a foundation or box springs when placed directly on the floor, making it possible to use in apartments and dorms with no hassle.

Sturdy Design

  • The mattresses are sturdy and balanced, with quality support that will never compromise your sleep.
  • Unlike other mattresses made of lightweight materials, the Otty mattress is designed to last for years.
  •  It has a durable design with extra cradle support, low-pressure points, and removable bedding for easy clean-up.

Models available

Otty mattresses are available in different models, including the single, double, and queen sizes.

Some models have Tru-cool blue gel memory foam technology, which warms up while you sleep to provide a cooling sensation.

Otty also offers a foam design with a patented venting system and air channels located at each layer’s head and foot ends.

OTTY PURE Hybrid Bamboo & Charcoal Mattress

Otty has released a new comfy mattress, called the Otty Pure, which is the company’s first hybrid model.  

The Otty Pure is made of two layers, and one layer is made of charcoal memory foam, while on top of that is another set of layers made up of bamboo fiber.  

To make it easier on the people who want to care for their mattresses, Otty has designed this model with removable bedding to make cleaning easier.


  • The Otty Pure mattress is similar to other models in that it uses its own set of air channels located at the head and foot ends of each layer.  
  • The channels allow air to flow between the layers of fabric for a cooler sleep. This model is unique because it offers a green alternative to other mattresses that are not eco-friendly.  
  • Otty Pure is made from a combination of bamboo charcoal and bamboo fibers, including a level 2 CertiPUR-US certified foam.  This means the mattress is completely safe for your health and has no harmful chemicals or substances which can cause irritation or allergies.  
  • The charcoal bamboo charcoal material provides excellent ventilation, which prevents the mattress from retaining heat as you sleep.
  • It also helps to absorb heat during the day, making it a much better option for those who have a hard time sleeping in hot environments because of heat retention.

Bamboo charcoal is made from naturally occurring bamboo fibers. Bamboo charcoal has been used as a mattress pad and good quality foam products, as well as a sound insulator and an anti-allergen.

 This natural material has been proven to be able to absorb the same amount of weight as steel without warping or losing compression.


The Otty Pure features an anti-allergy covering which prevents allergens and other particles from seeping into your mattress through your sheets or upholstery.

  1. The Otty Pure mattress has a low-density foam that does not mold or stick to your body when you sleep.
  2. The unique vent system allows your body to release heat naturally, thereby reducing the chances of hot spots.
  3. The Otty Pure is available in two sizes; two inches thick and four inches thick.  The one-inch thickness model weighs in at around ten pounds, while the four-inch is heavier at eight pounds.  The model with the extra support measures sixty-three and one-half by ninety inches wide for each model, while the thicker bed is sixty-five by seventy-seven inches for each size.

OTTY Original Hybrid Mattresses

The Otty Original mattress is a model that is made of low-density memory foam.  

The Original comes with a cool-to-touch bamboo charcoal layer, which is special compared to the other products in the market.  It also has a patented venting system, designed with air channels for airflow and a removable machine washable cover for easy cleaning of the mattress.

The Otty original model is newly designed with an extra layer of Tru-cool material, which will keep you cool at night. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who has trouble sleeping because of hot temperatures, or if you want an anti-allergic sleeping environment.  

The Original model is designed with a bamboo charcoal surface that absorbs heat, keeping the mattress cool throughout the day.  It also provides venting through air channels at the head and foot ends of each layer, allowing air to flow between layers for excellent ventilation.


  • The Otty original mattress is made of high-density memory foam with a thick layer of Tru-cool material. The combination of high-density memory foam and the cool-to-touch bamboo charcoal layer will provide excellent support for your body weight.  
  • This mattress has an extra firm feel because it has a fast rebound memory foam that molds quickly to the shape of your body once you get up or change positions while sleeping.  
  • The Original mattress comes with a removable bedding cover to protect your mattress from dust mites, allergens, and other particles that can cause irritation or allergies.
  • It is also made easier to clean the mattress because the cover has been detached.
  • This model is designed with anti-bacterial material to keep you safe from germs, mold, and other particles that can be harmful to your health.

This model is available in two sizes; twin and larger models for a box spring bed frame.  

The twin size measures sixty-seven by thirty-six inches for a total of one hundred ten inches in width, while the larger size measures seventy-seven by fifty-seven inches for each model, totaling ninety-five by seventeen inches in width.

The twin size weighs 12 pounds, while the large is 15 pounds heavy.

OTTY Aura Hybrid Mattress

The Otty Aura is made of one layer which is about three inches thick, and another one-inch-thick firm bed of bamboo charcoal.  


  1. The Otty Aura offers the same type of ventilation channels as the Otty Original mattress, which you can feel when you sleep on this model.
  2. The Aura model also comes with a removable breathable cover, making it easier to clean.  It has an anti-mite and anti-allergy material on its cover.
  3. This model is specially designed to be used as a cooling mattress, as it effectively absorbs your body heat and disperses it through the air channels.
  4. The Aura mattress is available in three sizes; twin, full, and queen.  The twin size measures sixty by thirty-six inches for a total of ninety-six inches in width, while the larger size measures seventy-seven by fifty-seven inches for each model.  The queen size bed measures eighty-two by sixty-four for a total of 152 by ninety-eight inches in width. The twin size weighs 12 pounds, while the large is 15 pounds heavy.

The 100-night trial and Delivery

The return policy of the mattress is one hundred nights, which is around four months.  

This gives you enough time to use the product while keeping your rights intact.

 If you are not happy with the mattress within this time period, you can return it at no cost to you.

The Otty mattress is delivered throughout the UK and free shipping throughout the United Kingdom. It is a bed in a box product, which means that it is compressed when they deliver it to your doorstep.

The product comes with twenty-four hours of customer service, and if you have any problems or questions about your order, you can call them and receive support.

The product is also eligible for a full refund within thirty days of purchase if it has been shipped to England.

Who will the Otty mattress suit?

The Otty mattress can be a great choice for anyone looking for a good night’s restful sleep without the problems of heat.

  •  The mattress will be a great choice if you have trouble sleeping because of having hot temperatures, or if you want to prevent allergies from affecting your sleep.
  • People who have skin sensitivities or allergies to mold or dust mites should also consider this product because it comes with a removable cover that is detachable and washable.
  • The Otty mattress can be a great choice for people who have had problems with other mattresses, such as hot spots, irritability, and an increase in breathing difficulties due to pressure points.  
  • The model will give the lovers of the firmer mattress a good night’s sleep with its three-inch-thick high-density memory foam and its layer of bamboo charcoal, which will help you to get rid of the problems you used to have on your previous mattress.
  • The Otty mattress can be a great choice for people who love exercising and tend to move around a lot, whether it is during the day or at night.
  •  It is a firm mattress as it has a fast rebound memory foam that molds quickly around the weight of your body and positions when you get up from the bed or change positions while sleeping.  This makes the mattress become comfortable to use for your daily activities, especially if you are sleeping in different positions.

Otty mattress reviews and rates online

The Otty brand is very popular, with over 85% of the customers giving that really comfy mattress a five-star rating on an online review page.

 This means that over eighty-five percent of the customer reviews are extremely positive, praising Otty for their product quality, customer service, and delivery services.  

The Otty mattress has a market-leading price of around £360 for the twin size mattress, which gives you good value for your money.  

This is because the product comes with extra features such as bamboo charcoal to absorb heat while also cooling down your natural body temperature during the night.

Otty product line

The Otty brand offers mattresses, beds, and pillows. They have a wide selection of products to choose from, but they also offer a 100-day trial period so you can try out the product before buying it.

 If you need to return the product, you will have one hundred nights or around four months to do so.

  1. The beds and bed frames come in different sizes and have a layer of memory foam that is about three inches thick.  
  2. The mattress provides a sturdy base for your body while using its ventilating channels to provide good sleep by dissipating heat through the ventilation system throughout the night. The memory foam used in this mattress is made from foam that rapidly absorbs your body weight and temperature while still maintaining proper support for your spine.
  3. The pillows come in different colors and designs depending on your mood and the style you want.  These pillows are made from flaxen-shaped memory foam that provides support and comfort to your neck, head, and body without causing any pressure or discomfort.

The beds and pillows also come with a removable washable cover so you can wash them easily.

The Otty brand was founded in 1993 by Mr. Seung-hoon Park, who has been involved in the mattress industry for over 30 years.

His experience combined with research into new materials has resulted in an innovative mix of optimal support memory foam that absorbs heat and neutralizes it, while the bamboo charcoal provides a cooling effect for your body which will eventually return to its baseline temperature during the night.

Are there pocket springs in the mattress?

The Otty Hybrid mattress model does not include any pocket springs.  However, the temperature regulating memory foam and bamboo charcoal will provide support and comfort to your body while also absorbing your body’s excess heat and dispersing it through the ventilation system.

What can I do with my old mattress?

If you have had a problem with your old mattress and you want to return it, there is a one hundred day trial period, and if you decide not to return the product within this time period, you will be able to keep it as part of your bedding.  

Even if the product is beyond warranty, the mattress has an unconditional money-back guarantee.  This means you can send it back and get a full refund.


So, if you are looking for a great mattress that is complete with extra support and lots of ventilation system, the Otty Mattress is definitely for you.  

Its thick memory foam layer and bamboo charcoal layer provides the best of both worlds with a comfortable yet excellent sleep.

 Overall, the new Otty mattress line provides great value and will give you an excellent nights sleep every time it is used.

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